Frozen Postpartum Padsicles (with Earth Mama Herbal Sitz Bath)

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Padsicles are amazing for healing

These frozen postpartum padsicles made with Earth Mama Organics Herbal Sitz Bath can be a serious lifesaver after a vaginal delivery. You will definitely need some, umm, soothing down there and this mixture of oatmeal, witch hazel, and herbs will provide relief where you need it most.

Before discovering Earth Mama Organics, I made a version of these when I was pregnant with my first son that used aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and essential oils.  It was a recipe I saw all over the internet and so I decided to give it a go, too. After learning more about Earth Mama, though, and getting the chance to learn from the creator of the products (a trained herbalist!), I’ve decided to trust my “down there care” to the professionals.

This version is actually easier to make and you only need a few supplies to make them! Plus, you can use the remaining sitz bath pads (each box comes with six pads, but your only need one to make your padsicles) for a traditional sitz bath after your baby is born. I suggest making about 20-25 of these. I didn’t use them every time I needed a pad (sorry for all the TMI here!), but I used them two or three times a day at first.

Here is what you will need to make your padsicles

Frozen Postpartum Padsicle Instructions:

  1. Brew one herbal sitz bath pad according to directions on the box.

  2. Let liquid cool completely, remove herbal pad, and pour liquid into a spray bottle.

  3. Open a pad, but do not remove the backing from the pad or the wings (if they have wings).

  4. Spray the length of the pad with the mixture, about 15 to 20 sprays per pad.

  5. Fold the pad back up and re-wrap it. Place into a large freezer bag and store in freezer. Repeat with remaining pads.

  6. When ready to use, remove from freezer and let thaw for a few minutes before use.

That’s it! If you try them out, leave a comment and let me know how they helped!


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