Where To Find Chutney In The Grocery Store

To buy chutney, look near the cranberry sauce. Chutney comes in many forms but is generally similar to the consistency of jelly. It can be used for many things, including pies, as a sauce, and more. It’s known to be especially popular in Indian cuisine, especially for bread like naan and curry dishes, so many different recipes are incorporated into it.

It’s incredibly versatile, so we have featured a few great ways to use it. Plus, it’s very healthy for you, as it can regulate blood sugar, for starters. This is important to many people in today’s time, so it’s a benefit of this condiment that’s worth highlighting.

We also include several substitutes, as chutney isn’t always readily found in all locations. If you have not tried chutney, you’re in for a treat. Let’s learn a little more about chutney and what it can offer you, including a few benefits, substitutes, and uses.

A Few Benefits of Chutney

Regulates Blood Sugar

Chutney can help prevent problems related to low blood sugar, as it helps fight against diabetes. Chutney is known to stimulate the pancreas, which helps manage insulin secretion, resulting in less insulin resistance.

Increases Vitamin K

Vitamin K is plentiful in chutney and has frequently shown to be potentially beneficial to those with diabetes. It can promote the release of insulin and regulate blood sugar, but Vitamin K is also helpful for energy, clear thinking, and overall health, all of which are impressive benefits. Vitamin K is crucial to good health.


Chutney is also very nutrient-rich. For starters, it has fiber, sodium, and omega-3, which are all very essential for general health. It’s great to implement into any diet, especially if you regularly find your meals bland or lack nutrients. It can easily spice up a formerly light meal into something truly spectacular and fun.

Great Substitutes For Chutney

Apricot Jam

Jam tends to be on the sweeter side, but chutney is a bit more savory. Although the two have very similar flavor profiles, they are different, so one is better for sweet dishes, and the other (chutney) is better for savory dishes. It depends mainly on the particular recipe and which of the two extremes you’re looking for.


Marmalade has a tangier taste than chutney, so keep in mind any recipes you implement it into, as it’s not a 1:1 equivalent. However, it’s still a great alternative as the taste can go hand in hand and make for a great dish if used correctly.

Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot pepper jelly is made from a mixture of sweet and spicy peppers and is intended to balance the two. However, it may be spicier than what your recipe is calling for. Otherwise, it can go great with most recipes that need chutney, thanks to the similar consistency.

How To Use Chutney

As a Paste

Due to its thickness, chutney is more like a paste than a sauce, which is a common misconception. It's delicious and will last for a long time or can be frozen for up to a year. It’s great for pork, chicken and more. Plus, you get the health benefits of chutney along with the other delicious components of your favorite dish.

As a Sauce

Chutney can be made into a sauce and used as a dipping sauce for chicken wings, fries, and more, as long as you don’t mind the thick consistency that makes it a bit richer than a thinner sauce. There are several ways to do this, but it’s typically straightforward to do it no matter what you need it for. You’ll have the perfect sauce for anything you need.

With Naan

Chutney may be served as a dipping sauce for naan, a curry condiment, or even toast to add concentrated spice blasts. This is the perfect way to spice up your toast. Let’s not forget about the nutrients, making it great for breakfast and more.


Chutney is a jelly-like condiment that can be added to various dishes, especially when you want to add sweetness to help out your spice, though more heated options are also available. Be sure to make a note of what your particular recipe calls for.

If you’re someone who finds blood sugar regulation necessary, it’s especially worth looking into. We hope we’ve provided you some helpful information to get started.

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