Where To Find Hemp Seeds In the Grocery Store?

To find hemp seeds, look near the snacks in the snack aisle or the nuts. Unlike its famous kin, hemp seeds are tiny seeds that have a moderately sweet flavor and crunchy texture. They’re often compared to flaxseeds or sunflower seeds. 

The seeds are tiny, which makes them incredibly easy to include in your diet, as you can add them to many different things! 

Plus, they are very healthy for you; after all, marijuana is known for its health benefits. Plus, we’re going to include a few great ways to use hemp seeds, including a few substitutes. Let’s jump in.

A Few Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Improves Heart Health

The addition of hemp seeds to your diet will directly improve your heart's health. Research has shown that hemp seeds help counteract arterial blockage by reducing cholesterol levels. Plus, it can strengthen the heart after a heart attack, a genuinely great herb.

Enhances Skin Health

Hemp seeds also help treat eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and more when grounded in a paste. This is because hemp paste promotes skin vitality and resistance to bacteria and viruses that can cause inflammation and disease.

Helps Inflammation

The research proves that dietary factors may reduce or stop this irritating problem. This may be due to the amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are naturally found in hemp.

Great Substitutes For Hemp Seeds

Chia Seeds

The fiber in chia is soluble, which helps keep you full until the subsequent meal. They are incredibly similar to that of hemp seeds. Plus, they still retain many of the health benefits of hemp seeds.

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium husks are also another good alternative to hemp seeds. They taste very similar but do not carry as many health benefits. They’re still delicious and can be used in many kinds of recipes due to their versatility.


Flaxseeds are also similar to hemp seeds, making them a familiar option. They are best known for their distinct brownish appearance and mild, nutty flavor. They go great with many types of dishes, desserts, and even drinks.

How To Use Hemp Seeds


Hemp seeds are an excellent way to increase the nutritional density of any leafy green salad. Just sprinkle a few flax seeds on top of your favorite salad before serving. They’re also great for tossing into salad dressings, as they add a pretty nice texture.


For a healthy snack, consider adding some hemp seeds to your granola bars. They will provide a sweet and nutty flavor. Plus, due to their small size, they offer a pleasant crunch that’s very beneficial to include in granola bars.


Hemp seeds are a delightful supplement to any cookie recipe. After adding these seeds into the mix, they’ll offer a little nutty crunch with a huge nutrition bonus. It will also add a distinct flavor that will leave you craving more.


Compared to other types of seeds, hemp seeds are tragically overlooked. They’re a well-kept secret. However, with this article, we’ve looked to enlighten everyone about just how beneficial they are. Don’t let the size fool you, as they’re packed full of impressive health benefits.

Because of their mild flavor, these seeds are very easy to incorporate into recipes and your diet. We recommend trying them out and seeing the change for yourself.

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