Where to Find Spaetzle In The Grocery Store?

To find spaetzle, look near the pasta in the grocery store. Spaetzle is pasta served as a side for larger meals, such as steak or stir fry. Its roots initially go back to a region in Southern Germany called Swabia, although it can be found in many countries. Most commonly, spaetzle is made with a spaetzle maker that’s utilized to prepare the dish, though it’s not required if you have a colander. Like with most recipes, there’s always a workaround.

Spaetzle is also sometimes supplemented by pork or beef cuisines with sauces, as this makes for a very filling and flavorful meal for a price that your wallet will also love.

Spaetzle also comes with a few health benefits, some of which may be surprising for what at first seems like a simple pasta dish. Plus, it is very versatile in terms of what it can be paired with. Aside from that, we also include a few great health benefits for you to take a look at.

A Few Benefits of Spaetzle

Rich in Protein

Spaetzle is full of protein, so it will make you feel full and satisfied after a long day. It’s super high in protein and does not have many negative elements to it. If you’re looking for a healthy meal that’s easy to cook, this could very well be the one.

Great For Bones

Spaetzle contains a lot of calcium which can help our bones grow. It can be astonishing just how deficient many of us are in this critical element of health. To get more calcium, simply eat more spaetzle; it’s as easy as that. With all the helpful recipes, it won’t be a difficult task.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Spaetzle will help reduce high blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of diabetes. Most pasta is very different and does the complete opposite of this. This is why we had to mention this; this is another unique feature of spaetzle that makes it stand out.

Great Substitutes For Spaetzle


There are not many alternatives to spaetzle in terms of being identical, but ramen may be a good choice if you love noodles in general. While they’re not the healthiest choice, you’d be surprised at what you can do with these versatile noodles.


If you love spaetzle for its health benefits, cabbage may be another good option. I know, cabbage may not seem like an excellent alternative to noodles. However, it’s not entirely out of left-field. Since cabbage is commonly used as a side, spaetzle can act as a healthy side too.


Eggplant has a very distinctive texture and can be a great substitute, mainly processed in noodle form. You can prepare them any way you want and add them as an aside. Plus, they’re great when added directly into the dish that will also add health benefits.

How To Use Spaetzle

Pasta Dish

Spaetzle is best known for its ability to mix somewhere between a salad and pasta, which sets it apart from the other numerous pasta dishes in various countries worldwide. It can be prepared in many ways. Cheese, butter, fried onions, and all kinds of different ingredients mix well with it.

Boiled Snacks

If you toss the spaetzle into boiling water, floating lumps should soon appear. After it’s ready and thoroughly cooked, add a bit of nutmeg or other add-on types to top it off, preferably a spice. It makes for a healthy, tasty food that can be eaten as a meal or side dish.

Squash Spaetzle

Butternut Squash Spaetzle is a new spin on the traditional recipe that is growing in popularity. The flavor is fantastic, with this veggie and the noodles forming a perfect marriage of flavors. It’s simple to make, too. You just need a bit of spaetzle, a little squash, and your favorite spices to top it off.


Even if you've never heard of it, the benefits of this traditional Central European dish cannot be denied. Spaetzle could be the response if you're looking for a new culinary adventure where you can make something delicious while still being good for your health. If you're looking for a specific recipe, the internet has a plethora of options.