FREE Resource Library

Welcome to my library of exclusive FREE resources just for YOU! Below, you’ll find meal planning worksheets, recipe e-books, shopping guides, and more, that will help you make this healthy living thing simple, fun, and pretty dang tasty, too. Be sure to check back regularly, because I’m always adding new resources to help make real food REAL FUN!

If you do use these resources and find them helpful, share the love so others can get in on the action. Share a pic and tag @whatigather so I can see what you are cooking up!

P.S. A lot of these are the resources I mention in my book 4 Weeks to Wellness. If you haven’t read the book yet, go check it out! 

Weekly Meal Planner

A blank meal planner to help you plan for the week ahead. Pro tip: print a copy and laminate it so you can use it with a fine tip dry erase marker week after week.

One Week Meal Plan + Recipes

Looking for a real food easy button? This meal plan includes a week of breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, a grocery list, and all the recipes to go with it!

Grocery List

After you’ve planned your meals for the week, use this grocery list to write out what you need before you shop. There is also space for foods to prep ahead.

Reading Labels 101

Label reading can be super confusing…I still get tripped up sometimes. My handy, dandy label reading guide will take out the guesswork and make shopping easy.

Daily Health Journal

Being mindful of what you eat, how well you sleep, how often you move your body – and how it all makes you feel – can give you a good “snapshot” of your health.

Pantry Staples

If you keep these pantry staples stocked in your kitchen at all times, you can take pretty much any combo of meat and veggies to make a healthy, delicious meal!