Where To Find Tofu in The Grocery Store?

To find tofu, look in the refrigerated area of the grocery store, by the natural foods. The addition makes tofu of mineral salt, water, and mashed soybean. It is commonly made with curdled soy milk, pressed to a firm block, and then cooled.

It has a vast amount of health benefits and is much healthier than meat, so the popularity certainly isn’t excessive like you might initially think. While tofu itself isn’t overrated, the benefits of eating it might be, which is why we plan to take a closer look at all of them in this article.

Moreover, there are several uses for Tofu, such as soups and stir fry. If you’d prefer a substitute to tofu, you’re in luck. We also include three great alternatives for you to choose from. Let’s learn a little more about this heavenly food that makes for the best meat alternative out there.

A Few Benefits of Tofu

High in Calcium

Tofu is rich in an essential vitamin vital to your health - calcium. This nutrient is used in our bodies to help build strong and healthy bones, which is crucial to many joint diseases. That means adding tofu to your diet can only be beneficial.

Rich in Protein

Protein helps to produce new cells of the skin. Skin cells are refilled and replacing new old cells continuously every few weeks. Consequently, you should consume plenty of protein regularly. Protein also helps build muscle and maintain excellent memory and recollection skills, among other things. For those who want to keep their mind sharp, this is worth a try.

Prevents Cancer

Tofu can also help prevent cancer, as some surprising studies show in increasing numbers. There have been several studies done that show soy products have properties that fight breast cancer. For this to affect, tofu needs to be eaten regularly.

Great Substitutes For Tofu


Tempeh is cooked soybeans that can act as fantastic alternative tofu, as the concepts are very close together. The texture is similar, but the taste is nearly identical. It’s often used as a direct replacement. It’s just as versatile and works well with most things that require tofu, making them highly interchangeable.

Texturized vegetable protein

TVP is produced from fat-free soy flour and is profoundly refined. It’s also extruded, which transforms the structure of the protein and makes it further fleshy. Although it is a bit less flavorful, it’s a great substitute, so keep that in mind when adding it to a recipe.


Yuba is the skin that floats above the soymilk during processing. It features an incredibly chewy feel similar to rubber. It’s a great alternative as well, but the chewiness is not suited for every dish, so you’ll need to try it out before making a permanent switch. The texture is probably the biggest obstacle to it being a seamless substitute.

How To Use Tofu

Tofu Scrambled

Tofu Scrambled is a great way to start your day. It can be quickly prepared for breakfast and easily seasoned to perfection. It’s also a healthy meatless alternative to many other unhealthy breakfast foods, like pancakes or sausage, a valuable benefit for anyone suffering from high cholesterol or similar conditions.


Soups that are full of spice and filled with vegetables and tofu make for the perfect lunch. Tofu works great in soups, as the texture perfectly matches, and it will stay the firmness that you need even when dipped or submerged in broth. It can replace any unhealthy meal typically eaten for lunch, such as a hamburger.


Tofu works wonderfully with salads, as the taste and texture are also versatile and taste great with most salads dressings. Plus, your salad will maintain its high nutritional profile. This is a pairing that’s beneficial both ways.


As many vegans and vegetarians will attest to, tofu is an excellent addition to anyone’s diet. However, you don’t necessarily have to include it in yours. The scientific studies done to show the health benefits of tofu are truly impressive, indicating that it’s far from “overrated.” Anyone who says so probably hasn’t seen all the positive effects it has to offer.

It’s also easy to find, which will enable you to start your journey to healthier eating all the sooner. Good luck!

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